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Lacoste, a popular perfume brand owned by the French tennis star, “Jean Rene Lacoste” has a wide variety of fragrances under its belt for both men and women. The brand started with a cologne for men in 1988 and became popular in the perfume industry in no time. In 1999, Lacoste perfume for women was launched and instantly grabbed the attention of perfume lovers. Today, Lacoste has 20+ colognes and a board lineage of Lacoste perfumes for men and women. The “dream of pink” perfume from Lacoste, with fruity fragrances of berries and lotus flower is specially made for young and energetic women. It also has elegant fragrances of black pepper and nutmeg for the lovers of spicy fragrances. Lacoste perfume for women include the clean, classic Eau De Lacoste perfume and the top selling “touch series” At perfume dunia, we sell the selected fragrances from the brand both for men and women, fragrances that can define your mood and what you are up to. So, explore the wide collection of perfumes from the popular brand Lacoste and place your orders today.